Cube Fire & Security access control products and systems offer customers true peace of mind by providing freedom of movement in a secure environment.

Door Access Control pad from Cube Fire & Security MayoOur products and systems are flexible, scalable and easy to use. They meet customer needs that range from providing security at a single door to overcoming the security challenges faced by very large multinational corporations with thousands of doors and cardholders at different locations.

Advantages of Access Control Systems

There are many and varied advantages in deploying an access control system in your premises, some of these include:

  • Fob Access Control readers - Cube Fire and Security IrelandNo more lost keys
  • No need to retrieve keys from personnel leaving your employment
  • Access restriction to specific areas
  • Tracking of access and egress from specific locations
  • Immediate lock-down in the event of an incident
  • Central monitoring and control of access
  • Integration with Human Resource systems

Cube Fire and Security supply Access Control Systems that are scalable and utilise the latest technological developments.

We can supply Cards and Card Readers to meet your specific needs along with the necessary hardware and software to manage your premises efficiently and effectively.

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